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  1. Soulful dayer VENUE: AKHNATON 8th October 2016.

    Akhnaton is an historical spot for the Amsterdam.
    Strategically placed just a couple of blocks from Central Station, in an area jam packed with hotels of every kind and for every pocket, the Akhnaton is one of the few venues in Amsterdam with a proper club feel!

    Tickets for this event are available presale @ € 10,
    (Pm message: Amsterdam soulful for PayPal details)
    On the door: € 12.
    facebook :Amsterdam soulful

    GET A ROOM! ;o)
    If you are planning on coming to Soulful dayer, the sooner you book in advance in Amsterdam the better!
    As always if you are coming with a group then we recommend staying in an apartment and the best website for that is
    Or if you prefer to stay in a bed and breakfast then try this website:
    Also here are a few interesting hostels which are more like hotels:

    Soulful dayer 8th October 2016
    Nieuwezijds Kolk 25 1012 PV Amsterdam

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