New finds

Amsterdam Soulful digging in Utrecht at Record Planets’ Fair, Jan scored a 45 Four pro, from an American dealer and Helen finally got her hands on an Artistics ’45 from a Belguim dealer! Listen out for these new tunes at our upcoming events.

Record fair dates for your diaries in 2017-

Amsterdam Rai-21st of January

Utrecht 8th and 9th April 

November 11 th and 12th Novemberrecord-fair-2017

Out and about on her travels, Jan still found time to pick up some 45s, hope to hear them played out soon.jans findsnew pic sleevesFor the picture sleeve lovers, a nice selction of some great recent finds, digging locally and afar certainly pays off, the saying goes, the early bird….. new discsThese tunes were played at our Dayer last October, they went down nicely too.