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Amsterdam Soulful in 2019!!

Amsterdam Soulful are happy to continue promoting and organizing events in and around Amsterdam in 2019, we are excited to host once again after first great success, now too awaits you our Soulful Weekender#2, and some Saturday nights at various venues in Amsterdam. We are overwhelmd with the interest from Djs offering their experience and we are look forward to putting together with them, great musical evening events for you!

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Please check out the website and Facebook page for up to date information regarding when and where each of our events are being held, as these will vary.


Soulful background history.


Introducing ourselves, Jan Harris and Helen Waddington, two British expats living in the Netherlands for more than 30 years, we are both very passionate about music, varying from Northern-soul to Motown, R&B, Latin and Modern crossover, we met at the “Amsterdam Soulclub” in November 2014.

The club founder, decided in September 2015 to retire from promoting and hosting the monthly events of the Amsterdam Soulclub held in the Badcuyp, nowadays he concentrates on events overseas and his collaboration with P & O ferries for the yearly Soul cruises.

Soulful began in October 2015, to organize monthly Sunday soul sessions,,Amsterdam Soulful Sunday, at café Checkpoint Charlie, due to a larger event planned in October of 2016, Amsterdam Soulful had fun with the warm up sessions, at a larger venue, Akhnaton, learning and gaining promoters experience along the way.

The first Amsterdam Soulful Dayer in 2016  was a huge success, the atmosphere was buzzing, and this has been a tribute to all involved.

 Two soul brothers Loma Russ and Pete45 organized since December 2015 soul nights, “Northern Soul Amsterdam” at café Batavia, Pay a visit to the small, but mighty venue, to hear some great sounds.

Yos Zoul organises for Amsterdam Soul Club in collaboration with P & O ferries a soul cruise, across the English channel, with a small dayer hosted in Akhnaton in Amsterdam.

Jason a long time record collector and faithful crate-digger, now hosts a few times a year, his Souldrippin events, where International and local djs play,these events are situated at various venues, check out their page for details. 

Clearly, Amsterdam is the place to be for Soulies and expats, in fact, everyone is welcome to experience the friendly, family, fresh, flexible feeling at “Amsterdam Soulful”


In 2017  Soulful events were held in Akhnaton, where friends old and new have discovered that there is no better way of spending a Sunday afternoon with people who share the same passion for music and dancing. Altogether these sessions have become more and more so far, a successful adventure, Soulful have managed to succeed in organizing an event in de Nieuwe Anita in 2019, now onwards and upwards with our promotions!!Watch our VIDEO:

We have been overwhelmed with the DJ’s offering their support since we initially started with our little Sunday soul sessions. Those whom have offered their services have been given the opportunity to be involved and the ever increasing circle of friends keeps us motivated to continue with the monthly Sunday “Amsterdam Soulful” sessions and to organizing bigger events in the future too, watch this space!

For updates of upcoming events check out our facebook page:

Amsterdam Soulful

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Fingerpoppinsoul radio, for their ongoing support.

Also check out Soul source.co.uk, our events are posted on there too.