Soulful Guest Djs

 Amsterdam Soulful Residents Dj’s, Jan and Helen

Soulfuls Guest Djs :

                                                                                                                             Soulful Saturday 29 June @ de Nieuwe Anita

Guest djs:William Millar, Howard Boss, Dj Pallino

36th event


Soulful Saturday 6 April@ de Nieuwe Anita

Guest djs: Andy Horne and John Dunne

35th event


                                                                                                                       Soulful weekender 2018  9/10/11 November

Alan Albery, Andy Horne, William Millar, Frank Dietz, Bruno Jerez, Marc Forrest, Caroline Dann, John Parker, Soulfinger, Ian Hamilton, Goeff ware, Bart Fader, Taco Fett, Hans Diepstraten, Mark Fisher.


Soulful Saturday @ de Nieuwe Anita, 29-09-2018

                                          Guest Djs, Soulfinger, Denny Johnson, Bart Fader

Saturday 30th June @ Club Nonomes

                                 Guest Djs, Brian Maguire, Ian Hamilton & Warren Uncle Funk 

            Soulful Saturday 7 April @ Club 8

                   Guest Djs: Andrew Skelson, Dave Rimmer, Colin Innocenti

Soulful Sunday 25th February @ de Nieuwe Anita Guest Dj: Eelco Bart, (Rambo Boys)

Soulful Saturday 6 January 2018 @ Club 8

Alan Albery, Chris de Leun, Mischa Koppenberg

Soulful Sunday, 26 November 2017

Girls are out to get you!!

Mevr.M”s, Rudessa and Suzy Creamcheese

Soulful Sunday celebrations, 2nd Anniversary and Jans Birthday 29 October 2017

Guest Djs; Paco and Andrew Skelson

 Soulful Dj line 2015-2017 to commemorate our 2nd Anniversary: 46 Guests so far!!!

Here below the line up of our guest Djs during our event, To Dam Soulful 30 September 2017.


Soulful Sunday 27 September

Captain Feelgood, Frank Dietz, Soulfinger

Soulful Sunday 25 June

David Ryan, Dj Sounder and William {Billy}

Soulful Sunday 28 May

Soul brothers from “Northern Soul Amsterdam”

Loma Russ, Pete45 and Taco Fett – Heavy tunes!!


Soulful Sunday 30 April

Guest Djs at our Dayer 1/4/2017

Guest Djs:  Soulful Sunday – anno 2017

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We at Amsterdam Soulful, can never Thank all our guest Djs enough, for volunteering their expertise, time and heart and soul into, together with us, making all of our events a HUGE SUCCESS!!